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Northern Italian antique safe with all-around hobnails, dated circa 1790-1840, mainly from the Piedmont region, that features amazing workmanship and decorations made with burin incisions techniques, typical from the period. This safe, its locking mechanism and the keys are authentic and beautiful examples of late-18th/early-19th century Italian master blacksmith craftmanship.

All of our safes are in excellent working condition and have been completely cleaned and polished.The opening mechanism works with moving hobnails, keys and special hooks. First step is to find and activate the release hidden behind a frontal decor to expose the key holes, then a specific sequence, with secret levers and tricks, is to be followed with the keys and the hook allowing to unlock the safe and open the door.


The interior of the safe is completely custom handmade in Italy, with generally the upper part lined with natural calfskin leather as a bar cabinet and in the bottom equipped with a cigar humidor drawer with removable tray, all made in spanish cedar wood to perfectly preserve and age your cigar collection. It fits around 150/200 cigars depending on type and the humidor system is based on a Credo Precision 70. Colors and finishes are completely custom made to your preferred choice.

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