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Desktop Drawer
Special Safe Detail


For every safe a unique humidor is specifically

studied and designed to find the best solution, to provide the highest quality in terms of humidity

and temperature control to perfectly store 

and age your personal cigar collection.

All our humidors are manufactured completely in Italy, according to the highest standards of quality and master artisan workmanship,

following traditional and achieved techniques

that are industry's state of the art: 

  • Natural premium kiln dried Spanish cedar wood 

  • Silicone gaskets and thermal insulated sides

  • All around internal free air circulation

  • Specific cooling and humidor systems

In addition, our bespoke service allows full customization for perfect storage of your cigar collection, with a wide choice of:

  • Fixed or removable trays

  • and shelves with bin dividers

  • Different color and material finishings

  • Waterproof internal LED lighting

Desktop drawer tray
Desktop Humidor
Strongbox Humidor
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