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Northern Italian antique safe with typical all-around hobnails, with very rare plate reporting author, place and date of manufacturing, Giovanni Malizia, Milan, 1825, probably used inside a small feud fiefdom or fortified town castle of the Lombardy region. This beautiful collector piece has a great metal color with patina of time and amazingly rich decorations, characterized by the typical floral theme. It is a rare example of late 18th-early 19th century Italian master blacksmith craftsmanship, bringing to any room a unique elegance and character as well as an intriguing and conversational piece with the unique tricks and secrets of the unlocking mechanism combination.


The amazing lock and opening mechanism works with 2 beautiful keys, one with a magnificent clover-shaped hollow shaft and one with a round shaped shaft, plus a special hook. This safe has 4 secrets, the first one opens the right keyhole, and is positioned under one of the flower decorations. To open the central keyhole with the special hook you have to find the lever that is hidden inside the right keyhole, while to unlock the safe we have to turn the central key and then insert the right key. Those safes had different keys that were given to different persons so that only the presence of both could open the safe.


The interior of the safe has been completely and newly refitted as a cigar humidor and dry bar cabinet, lined in black piano lacquered wood, matching its base, and equipped with LED lighting. The cigar humidor is new and manufactured in Italy according to the highest standards of quality to perfectly store and age your personal cigar collection. Lined in natural premium kiln dried Spanish cedar wood, with silicone gaskets and thermal insulated sides and all around internal free air circulation and equipped with Credo Precision humidity control that uses oasis foam and a propylene glycol solution to release or absorb moisture and maintain the proper 70% humidity and can store around 150 cigars on 3 fixed reclined shelves.

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