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Manufactured from wrought iron by master blacksmith, tower clock mechanisms were the cutting edge of technology at their time, providing the community with an essential public timekeeper. 

This magnificent time mechanisms were installed at the top of church towers and public buildings indicating the hour and minutes as well as regulating the bells.


Weights rolled on the wood barrels would drive the turning movement while the pendulum mechanism regulates it to keep time accurately.


The incredibly crafted wheels with teeth in different size and spacing, the crowns and pinions as well as the wooden barrels make these objects unique art timepieces.


The form of the cage and its beautiful aestethics and materials inspired the creation of tables, allowing custom dimensions and shape of the table top. 

All our mechanisms are authentic XVIIth / XVIIIth century masterpieces, completely restored and polished using the same process as for our antique safes. 

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